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               You must accept the terms and conditions to proceed with purchasing the NDNA Program.
                                                          Terms and Conditions:
Use of this program (and any changes made to a production network) are the sole responsibility of the engineer performing the work. The NDNA main program only sends discovery commands and in no way can change the network. Any changes/commands sent by the network engineer using any of the additional add-on custom automation programs , are the sole responsibility of the engineer that sets up the program to send any particular command/s. To reiterate, the program only performs discovery and makes no changes to the network, e.g. only issues "show" commands. The automation commands files are also empty (contain no commands other than terminal length 0). Commands that make changes to the network must be manually entered by the engineer executing the program.  The only exception to this is the use of the "enable-password" version of the program. If you use the enable-password version, "ip domain-lookups" will be disabled on the routers and switches.(See the chapter in the user guide on the enable-password program). If this presents an issue, do not use the enable-password version of the program, or re-enable "ip domain-lookups" if you need to.
"Automate The Network LLC" assumes no responsibility for any changes (good or bad) made to production networks. Make changes at your own risk. Changes should only be attempted in production networks by skilled network engineers.  
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept what's discussed in the following FAQs Question/Answer of the NDNA FAQs section titled "What's the difference between the regular NDNA program and the enable-pass version of NDNA".
* alert: This purchase is for the NDNA program, and the NDNA-DG (Diagram Generator) only.
NTC (NDNA-to-Cacti Integration) and VNAD are both free add-ons to NDNA and are provided "as is", e.g. they come with no real or implied support.
       By accepting these terms and conditions, you are acknowledging all of the above.

   Automate The Network LLC 

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