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The NDNA Diagram Generator works in conjunction with NDNA discovery. After discovery, you can just copy over the xml file the discovery creates for you (which contains inventory and CDP neighbor information, e.g. all the info the diagram generator needs to create diagrams). Just load it up into the NDNA diagram generator (inside Visio) and start automatically generating *world class* beautiful diagrams.

As you've probably seen on all the pages within the website, the NDNA Diagram Generator is the ONLY product on the market that will allow you to automatically generate Visio diagrams *directly* INSIDE Visio! and it's all FREE. 

Click on the thumbnails to the right to check out the quality and look of the diagrams you can create using the NDNA diagram generator.

First, you should check out all the instructional videos for details on installation, licensing, and using the diagram generator.


This also includes going over all the features, recommended approaches and different methodologies when using the diagram generator.


In addition, the videos also go over *gotchas* to be aware of, and other things to be aware of while using the program.

See the NDNA Diagram Generator Video page HERE

The following information is written into the Visio "Shape Data" during diagram generation:

  • Hostname

  • Platform

  • Local IPs 

  • Local SVI IPs

  • Local Management IPs

  • Image

  • Code Version

  • Flash 

  • Serial number

  • Remote Neighbor counts (total, shown)

The following information is put onto the Visio diagram:

  • Hostname

  • Platform

  • Interface type/port numbers

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